Geez I’m Brutal I know

Well, after a long time of not being on here I’ve decided I’m back! Alright so I’m no longer in the true flatlands of Canada a.k.a Saskatchewan, I’ve made the jump over Alberta and now am residing in Williams Lake, British Columbia.
So I graduated in May from Broadcasting College, then I moved back to Calgary for the Summer worked at the radio station there and then got an offer for a great job! I’m the new News and Sports Reporter for this little city of 12,000 people! I actually am working for 2 radio stations and they are heard through the Cariboo ( I know they misspelled it! )

Life is great I couldn’t be happier, well actually I could, I do miss my family and my friends. Everyone up here has been incredible they have taken me in and I’ve met so many new people! I’ll have people coming up to me saying “Hey I heard you on the radio today you sound so good” . I love hearin that as it gives me a sense of “Hey I think I’m in the right business”.

Everyone can tell when I do news reports that my passion is sports! They say my voice changes! Ha-ha I think it’s great to have something to be passionate about though, it keeps ya motivated.

Alright so here we go on sports, we have a lot to cover here!

Exhibit A
MLB Post-season
Stoked that my Yanks made it. Not so stoked that they were taken out by the Rangers. One thing I am truly disappointed in though is the Yankee fans who taunted Cliff Lee’s wife at Yankee stadium. The Yankee Faithful have been known to be a class act, never wearing shirts calling down the other team (as so many other organizations do). Now in the off-season the Yanks are looking to sign Lee, he’s holding off… I wonder why. My other worry here is my all-time favourite athlete, Derek Jeter, he is a free agent this year and he’s asking for an extension longer than they are willing to give and 150-million dollar six year contract. The man has an overall batting average of .314 , he’s the leading Yankee in hits , 5 time world series champion, 11 time all-star appearance player . He started his career in pinstripes and should finish it in them. Enough said.

Exhibit B
Calgary Flames Season
Holy Heck where do I start… Darryl Sutter resigning Olli Jokinen and Alex Tanguay,? Or putting Nigel Dawes on waivers… How about picking up Steve Staios near the end of last season? The Sutter’s have gotten themselves into quite the pickle. It’s time to rebuild, stop signing old balls players and regroup start with the young bucks. There was a time back in 1996 the trade to Dallas with Nieuwendyk gone and some young prospect came to Calgary, a winger who never played an NHL game, his name? Jarome Iginla. Personally I think the letting go of the Sutter’s could be the best thing for the Flames… well one of them at least or put Darryl back behind the bench that’s where he was most successful! They are ranked 24th in the league right now,Looks like a draft pick is in the works. On a happier note Rene Borque scored the SO winner today in Philly! It’s a start!

Anyways Happy American Thanksgiving.

Have a good weekend!
If you read you best be commenting!
Here are some Ideas
Whats the one thing in the world that your passionate about, something that keeps you motivated?
As you know mine is sports!
Anything sports related share your opinions!!! I love a good opinon!

xx Ruby


Honk if ya Honkytonk!

So with Summer well on it’s way and the ACMs now behind us, it’s time for Country Stars to release that huge summer hit. Kenny Chesney is notorious for these huge hits for instance Summertime .. even people who don’t listen to country music know that one! So Summer 2010, what is the big country hit going to be? Well I’ve been looking at the charts today and I’m starting to plan out my summer playlist here is what I have so far just at 50 right now I want at least 150!, I’m going for Classics as well as Newbies, so any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated! Till I need ya on this one! Also give me a list of your favourite Country List!

1. American Honey- Lady Antebellum
2. Still- Tim Mcgraw
3. Hell on the Heart- Eric Church
4. Blue Sky- Emily West- ft. Keith Urban (Tilly I think you are going to LOVE this one)
5. Fearless- T. Swift
6. Perfect Day- Lady Antebellum
7. Consider Me Gone- Reba
8. Sure Enough- Chris Cummings
9. That Ain’t my Truck- Rhett Atkins
10. Yes- Chad Brock
11. Before She Was Mama- Clay Walker
12. What Kind of Gone- Chris Cagle
13. Out Last Night- Kenny Chesney
14. Summertime- Kenny Chesney
15. No Shoes , No Shirt, No Problems
16. She’s Country- Jason Aldean
17. Hicketown- Jason Aldean
18. Stars Tonight- Lady Antebellum
19. This I Gotta See- Jason Aldean
20. Where the Green Grass Grows- Timmy
21. Somethin’ Like That- Timmy
22. She’s in Love With the Boy- Trisha Yearwood ( classic!)
23. Run- George Strait
24. Clear Blue Sky- George Strait
25. Laughed until we cried- Jason Aldean
26. She’s Gone Country- Alan Jackson
27.THe Good Stuff- Kenny Chesney
28. Big Star- Kenny Chesney
29. Just Don’t Happen Twice- Kenny Chesney
30. Good Time- Alan Jackson
31. Hillbilly Bone- Blake Shelton ft. Trace Adkins
32. Hillbilly Deluxe- Brooks and Dunn
33. Neon Town- Brooks and Dunn
34. Ain’t Nothin’ Bout You- Brooks and Dunn
35. Wide Open- Jason Aldean
36. Jack Daniels- Miranda Lambert
37. Kerosene- Miranda Lambert
38. Me and your Cigarettes- Miranda Lambert
39.John Deere Green- Joe Diffie
40. Tempted- MArty Stuart
41. Guitartown- Steve Earle
42. Watermelon Crawl- Tracy
43. Sounds So Good- Ashton Shepard
44. Takin off this Pain- Ashton Shepard
45. Good Directions- Billy Currington
46. Caddalic Ranch- Nitty Gritty Dirtband
47. Mud on the Tires- Brad Paisley
48. What Was I thinkin’- Dierks Bentley
49. Guys Like Me- Eric Church
50. Down on the Farm- Timmy

There’s 50! Tilly I need some more! Anyone else just Giv’r too!!!

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Well the sun is finally out in this so-called city that shines after a week of rain and then snow before that … Thank goodness Lil Babe ( ya that’s what I call my car) is a trooper and can make it through any kind of weather not to add I got a free car wash ( the thoughts of a starving student). 

I actually have some down time, oh so rare in the world of broadcasting , I’ve been shooting every week day and doing one shoot a weekend, I have also been editing like a mad woman, but good news after this week I will have 18 shoots done meaning only 2 left and yup then I am all finished, it’s so overwhelming! It’ll be hello real world pretty quick!


So the quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup were under way last night, and wow it was a night of upsets, did Colorado really beat the Sharks? The sens beat the defending Stanley Cup Champs the Pens? and Wow The Flyers beat Martin Broudeur and his Devils. My favourite would have to be the Cinderella Story of the Pheonix Coyotes beating the always post season present Detroit Red Wings!  Is this year going to be  the postseason of the underdogs? I kind of hope so! A Pens 3-peat would kind of be boring don’t you   think?  Tonight the 3 other Game 1’s are going down, Washington vs Montreal, Boston @ Buffalo and LA @ Vancouver. One match up won’t see each other until Friday and that is the Chicago Blackhawks playing the Nashville Predators.  It’s such an exciting post season! Although I would’ve loved to see The Calgary Flames in there again, they didn’t seem to have it this year, after the Olympic Break they basically kept on slumping, all I can say is I think the  Sutter boys  are going to be doing a LOT of work in the off-season instead of the golfing they are used to! As for Lord Stanley’s Cup I’m going to go with Chicago. Washington. and The Caps walking away with it. I would love to see Alex Ovechkin take a cup home ,arguably the best player in the league I think he deserves it.

Anyways my sister Tilly has been bugging me to finally get a post up so here it is! Once school is finished and my stress level goes down hopefully I’ll be able to rant, I know I have a bunch to get out . One being Flames Fans, another The Yankees and their haters, the sporting world ( my theropy)  and finally just life in general!

Feel free to comment or give me suggestions on what you want to hear!

Happy Reading!

xx Ruby

First One!

Ok so here we go! 

I’ve been following my sister Tilly since I’ve moved away from home to keep updated on my niece Miss Stella and she has inspired me to start.. I’ve been super busy with my schooling but I’m going to try to get’r going here!

I got the toe top from Tills so I figured I’d give a little blurb before I head to school and hopefully get a good rant up here soon!


Post One

Here we go!